Environmental Sampling, Geoprobe and Drilling Services
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Our Equipment

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1 Geoprobe 7822 Direct Push Rig mounted on Tracks (Auger Head and Auto Drop Hammer)
1 Geoprobe 6620 Direct Push Rig mounted on Tracks (Auger Head)
1 Geoprobe 66DTR mounted on Tracks
1 Geoprobe 540MT Direct Push Rig (Indoor Unit, 32 inch and 9.5-10.5 foot clearance)
2.25", 3.25”, 4.25” and 6.25” Hollow stem Augers
4” Solid Stem Augers
Moyno Pump
Geoprobe GS2000 Injection/Grout Machine
Geoprobe Soil, Groundwater and Soil Gas Sampling Equipment
Geoprobe Injection Tooling
RKI (%LEL/%VOL/%O2/H2S/PPM) (2)
RKI GX-2003 (%LEL/VOL, O2) (2)
Multi RAE (PID, %LEL, O2)
Honda Recon 4 Wheeler 4x2
John Deere Gator 4x4 XUV
Ford F-350
Dodge 2500 4x4
GMC 2500 4x4
Ford F-150 4x4
Support Trailers (4)
Sigma Waste Water Composite Sampler
YSI 556 Water Quality Meters (2) (pH, SC, T, DO, Sal, ORP, TDS)
YSI Pro Water Quality Meter (pH, SC, T, DO, Sal, ORP, TDS)
Oakton 610 Water Quality Meter (1) (pH, SC, T, DO, ORP, TDS)
HACH DR 890 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter
HACH DR 820 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter (2)
Water Level Indicators (5)
Oil/Water Interface Probe
Stainless Steel Hand Augers, Stainless Steel Mixing Equipment
Gas Powered Breaker Hammer
Gas Powered Earth Augers (2)
Grundfos Redi-Flo 2 Pump and Control 250’
Peristaltic Pumps (4)
Honda EU2000 Generator
¾” Bladder Pump and Standard 1.6” Bladder Pump w/ Control Box
Gas Powered Air Compressor w/ Portable Tank (3)
Portable GPS Mapping System
Survey Equipment
Gastec GV-100S Sample Pump
Digital Cameras