Environmental Sampling, Geoprobe and Drilling Services
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Geoprobe and Drilling Services

If it's 1 sample or 500, contact us for your next Direct Push or Drilling Job! (770) 823-7174 or inquiry@emservicesonline.com

We own 4 Geoprobe brand units. 1 Geoprobe 7822 Direct Push Rig mounted on Tracks (w/Auger Head and Auto Drop Hammer), 1 Geoprobe 6620 Direct Push Rig mounted on Tracks (w/Auger Head), 1 Geoprobe 66DTR mounted on Tracks and 1 Geoprobe 540MT Direct Push Rig (Indoor Unit, 32 inch wide and with clearance as low as 9.5' using 3' tooling or 10.5' using 4' tooling)

We perform remedial fluid injection; top down or bottom up. Groundwater monitoring well installation via DPT (2 inch) and via HSA up to 4 inch (or 6 with limited annular seal). Geotechnical Drilling. Continuous or discreet soil samples using Dual Tube or Macro Core. Soil gas samples either through the tube or with the PRT System (NSPS Tier 2 NMOC). Groundwater samples using the SP16 and SP22 Systems. We have 2.25", 3.25", 4.25" and 6.25" inch Hollow Stem Auger ability to 50-75 feet and can also turn 2.5" & 4" solid augers to 100 feet.